Project Description

Project Brief

Healthcare Organization needs a lot of effort and planning to metalize the project and deliver the concrete product. We know that even point like error is not acceptable when it comes to health and medicine and we deliver the same. Mobile view is a key factor when you are producing something for common people. More than 60% traffic is measured by mobile devices that’s why we have created a separate view, different home page and set of menus for mobile users.

Skills Needed

The main skill required to work on his project is deep knowledge of WordPress and plugins which make the work and system easy. Beside this HTML and CSS is the key factor to provide a classy and professional look. The whole system is fully loaded with instant SMS, users will get SMS at every point when they book the appointment, contact to the support team or any other activity.

Project Planning 98%
WordPress Skill 92%
User Interface 96%
Security 98%