Project Description

SMS (Student Management System) is the one point solution for all issues which com across to manage the students in any educational organization. Like School, Coaching or other Institution. Adding students, creating a unique account for each student to maintain their financial activities, managing class, attendance scheduling test and test result etc are designed in a unique way with eye stunning design and most friendly user interface. Besides these basic facilities printing I-card, maintaining school bus fee and many more features are loaded in the basket. The complete project is enabled with high priority route transactional SMS. If you will deposit the fee, make any query or management want to deliver any notice to the students, all can be done by one click and all targeted number will receive the instant SMS within the fraction of seconds.

To analyze any revenue of any educational business we have to analyze the reception desk when the query has been handled. In this software, we’ve designed the query management system as well with the help of them you can analyze how many queries you’ve handled and the current status of any query. You can label the query as per your requirement and above all, you can check how many queries converted into admission, everything is on your fingertip. Account and cash management can also be done with this software. You can maintain daily expense book and see the report anytime with differents types.

The application is EXE application and fully secure and easy to install designed by FNF Services.